And we’re off … [PHOTOS]

It’s noon Friday and we’re in western Pennsylvania.

Most trips with an early start have a bit of a rocky beginning, what with getting everyone out of bed and all.

Not so with the Black Horse Troop and Equestriennes. Everybody was up and out to the buses parked at Logansport Gate on time.

How each of them chose to make that happen was up to them. Some of the guys set alarms and set them loud enough to wake everybody else up, who in turn woke them up. A few of the upperclass girls “stayed up all night with the freshmen,” although why the freshmen were up all night was anybody’s guess. Some of the boys stayed up all night, too, at least until the night OC made his rounds of the barracks.

But once everyone was on the bus and the buses were moving, sleep was the main pursuit. And if the seats weren’t comfortable enough, some wisely packed sleeping bags made sleep a little easier in coming.

The sun was up by Toledo and that was the first break. The folks behind the counter at the Starbucks, Burger King, Einstein’s Bagels and even the Sbarro weren’t expecting this many visitors at once with only a half hour to kill, but they rose to the challenge beautifully. Now as lunch time nears, sleep is still the fashion among some of the kids. Many are watching movies on their phones or laptops (buses have plugs AND wifi these days).

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3 thoughts on “And we’re off … [PHOTOS]

  1. Will certainly being watching for the Black Horse Troop. I will always be proud of the Culver Academy participation for the Presidential Inauguration. Black Horse Troop brings a lift of pride for me!

  2. This old trooper (Troop B, ’64) almost busts his buttons every four years when the BHT and Equestriennes are shown in the parade. I know these kids will continue to make us all proud. Good luck, have fun, be great. You will never forget this.

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