Inauguration Day (Photos and video)

The looks on their faces said a lot. These kids were tired. And as they came into the lobby of the hotel Monday night, with everybody clapping and cheering and shouting “Great job! We’re very proud! You should be proud!” The smiles were sheepish, maybe a little embarrassed. But above all, these kids were beat, the way you smile when you’ve finished a big day and you’ve done well.

They were tired Monday morning. So a ride of only a couple of miles shouldn’t have been too tough. That couple miles was down Pennsylvania Avenue though, and the President of the United States was watching.

The weather was terrific, although the temperature dropped the darker it got. And the parade began later than expected. But in the end, the Black Horse Troop and Equestriennes, made their 100th anniversary ride down Pennsylvania Avenue with fine form and dignity.

And the parents and alumni who were here made it to the parade route in time (despite some gates closing before everyone got in). And once the route opened up more after the dignitaries passed and the president was in the reviewing stand, they all followed along, cheering, clapping and taking pictures; so much so that one police officer commented that of everyone who was cheering for the floats and bands and other units, Culver had the most determined and boisterous.

And so the books are closed on another Inaugural ride. The hard work, the discipline, the leadership, it was all there. But the kids’ fortitude carried them through to the end. And how do they feel (besides tired, that is)? Let’s let the girls sum it up …


13 thoughts on “Inauguration Day (Photos and video)

  1. What a fantastic opportunity for these kids. It’s easy to forget they are in high school, they hold themselves with such class and dignity. Bravo to the young men and women who represented Culver so well.

  2. also bravo to the young men and women who represent culver academy. im so glad my horse farrah is at this academy and got to be apart of history 😉

    • Hi! I just noticed your comment about Farrah! I am the equestriennes who was blessed to ride her for the inaugural! What a sweetheart Farrah is, I really appreciated having her as my horse. Such a beauty.

  3. Wonderful to see Culver at the Inaugural Parade with 100th Centennial recognition to ride for our President…the horses were well behaved by great young riders! So glad to see the young women riding within the ranks of men…times are a changing!

  4. I am honored to be an alumnus of the CMA Summer troop albeit in 1967 and to see the leadership of today’a troopers and Equsetrienne’s in the 100th InagurationParade of the President & Vice President of the U.S.A. Congrats!

  5. Well done ! Glad to have hosted you at the Maryland Prince Georges Equestrian Center! Hope to see you again in four years. Maryland Horse Industry Board and Maryland Horse Council

  6. Hello! My horse was sold to culver in August and she was said to be in the parade. i just wanted to say congratulations! Her name was Gingers Coriander, an Appaloosa with white around her eyes and mouth.

  7. Thank you for your tireless efforts in capturing out kids. What a privilege it was to be there watching our daughter and all of these amazing kids and horses make all of us in the Culver community so proud. Well done Troopers and Equests!!! …and all support staff. We are Culver Proud!

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